ON THE HILL Izzy Cohan

Directed by Izzy Cohan

Written & Edited by Meghan Sims

Shot by Kenny Sule and Izzy Cohan

Additional Cinematography by Cooper Dodds

Produced by Izzy Cohan with associate producer, Cooper Dodds

Production Company – Fresh Produce

Original Score by Oscar Scheller

Post Producer – Meghan Sims

Colorist – Dante Pasquinelli

Color House – Ethos Studio

Assistant Editors – Evelyn Chat & Zach Gentry

Handmade animations – Meghan Sims

Titles by Jess Magee

Sound design & Mix by Geoff Strasser @ Mr. Bronx Audio

PAs – Fathima Mohamed, Sam Cowan & Lindsay Yamrick

Starring: Kai Mckinnon, Caroline Chor & Cooper Dodds Featuring: Cadel Cox, Benton Smith, Celia Osborne, Catherine Chor, Max Fey, Will Coffin, Jack Kroll, Jai Gregory, Charlie Forbush, Henry Johnstone, Michael Reynolds, Henry Loher, Duncan Van Dorn, Angelo Goodwin, Schuylar Clapp, Eli Larkin, Colin Delaney, Chip Henry and Larry Stone

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